Zuzu wakes up in a grass field.
While laying down, he looks around.
A compass and a long stick are around him.

He stands up and looks around again.
There's a forest in the distance.
The sun is beating down on him, it's hot out.

Zuzu picks up the stick and compass.
No fire demons are getting past him!

He searches his pockets and finds a grey sphere.
I wonder what that could be for.

Zuzu enters the forest, only to find a fork in the road.
To his left, the path gets darker, anything could be in there!
If he proceeds straight, a normal looking path awaits him.
He could also head back to the entrance and try to find a way around the forest.

Zuzu decides to enter the dark path.
A red rabbit blocks his way.


The rabbit quickly begins to run away.
Xzurae chases behind it, hoping it will lead him somewhere.


The rabbit leads him to a cave.
Suddenly, the rabbit transforms into a fire demon, blocking the entrance to the cave.



Out of fear, Zuzu grabs the gray sphere and throws it at the fire demon, hoping to hurt it.
The sphere, as it's about to hit the fire demon, explodes into a burst of light.

The fire demon is reduced to ash, and the sphere floats back to Zuzu's hand.
The entrance to the cave is clear now.
Zuzu stares at the sphere in his hand.
'What is this thing?' he wonders.


Zuzu picks up the ashes.
Who knows, this might come in handy!


About to enter the cave, a glimmer in the trees catches his eye.

A treasure chest!
A strange symbol is on the back of the chest.
Zuzu steps closer, ready to see what could be inside!

Continued in Adventure Two